LoRA Network for Data Transfer

We work on sensor data transfer applications using LoRA network.

Applicable technologies :

  • LoRA network data transfer
  • Battery powered systems
  • Very low power consumption


We specialize in sensor measurements and positioning data (GPS) transfer systems via GPRS connection.

Applicable technologies :

  • Power supply 12-24V or Li-ion battery
  • Li-ion battery charger
  • Low power consumption
  • Bluetooth 4.0

Automatic Doors Controller

We designed an electronic controller for telescopic and central opening automatic doors, for entrances to shops, garages and lifts in accordance with EN 81-20. 

Applicable technologies/main technical features :

  • Brushed DC motor driver up to 100W
  • Incremental motor encoder reader
  • Mains power and Lead Acid batteries supplies
  • DC/DC Lead Acid battery charger
  • LCD display
  • Bluetooth connection for remote configuration
  • Android Applicationm

TFT Displays

We work on TFT displays for use in different situations with specific user interface requirements.

Applicable technologies :

  • TFT Display (3.5”-7”)
  • Capacitive touch panel
  • Specialized Graphical User Interface
  • SD card
  • USB Host

Wireless Remote Control System for Use in Fisheries

We designed an autonomous wireless remote control system, used in fisheries for long distance communications. It consists of a base controller and four waterproof IP67 receivers, with two 16A outputs for each one. 


Irrigation Remote Controllers

We worked on devices for remote control of irrigation points communicating with control center via GSM/GPRS.

Applicable technologies :

  • 12-24V power supply 
  • Web application and database

Autonomous Public Lighting Control Systems

We designed a lighting controller that draws energy through PV panels and stores it in Lead Acid batteries. The device features 24V LED lamp driving output up to 100W and a remote interface for sending data to a control center.

Applicable technologies/main technical features :

  • MPPT Lead Acid 24V/100Ah battery charger
  • 24V/100W LED lamp driving output
  • MODBUS RS-485 communication protocol
  • Intelligent lamp switch On/Off functionality

24V/3W LED Lamp Driver

We designed an ultra-compact/small size and high performance electronic ballast for 24V/3W LED lamps.


Laser Beam Projector

We designed a laser beam projector for projecting both static and animated messages and graphics.

Applicable technologies/main technical features :

  • Low power laser driving
  • USB host/USB device
  • PC application

12-24V Lead Acid Battery Chargers

We specialize in products used for charging Lead-Acid batteries which is also capable of detecting battery damage. It charges Lead-Acid batteries based on the ideal charge curve for a longer battery life. 


NFC Readers

We work on reader/recorder systems for NFC cards that is able to communicate with Android smart phones for data transfer too.


RFID Access Controller

We specialize in RFID technology access control systems.

Applicable technologies :

  • 125KHz RFID basestations
  • 13.56MHz RFID transponders

Standalone Time Attendance System

We designed a standalone time attendance system based on RFID technology. Powered by four AA batteries, it delivers up to one year of depth operation. The recordings are downloaded via a USB memory stick.

Applicable technologies/main technical features:

  • Designed of an 125KHz RFID basestation circuit with very low power consumption 
  • USB host
  • Segment LCD display
  • 6VDC power supply (4xAA batteries) or power outlet
  • PC application and database

Autonomous Burglar Alarm for Apartments

We designed an autonomous one zone burglar alarm system with very small size and low cost. Securing the control zone is achieved by two-way infrared data transmission. The infrared beam is applied at the height of the door compartment door lock.

Applicable technologies/main technical features:

  • Infrared encoded data transceivers
  • NiMH 3.6V/1000mAh DC/DC battery charger
  • On/Off with wireless AM remote controller