Analog and Digital Electronics Design

We provide specialized electronic circuit design solutions based on a multitude of different technologies. We analyze the characteristics of projects under development with a view to creating competitive products. We are experimenting daily with new technologies and are closely following their rapid evolution.

We are informed about the solutions offered by the manufacturers of electronic components and their availability in the world market.

Through our years of experience we have undertaken many projects for the development of electronic systems that have been successfully marketed in the Greek and European markets.


PCB Design

Depending on the product and the approvals to be certified, we design the PCB following all EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) optimization rules.

Using powerful printed circuit design tools, we control the process in 3D with a complete view of the ergonomics of the final design. At the same time, when required, we use simulation tools that allow us to design more safely products that operate on high voltage, high current or include high frequency signals.

By exporting a precise 3D model of the electronic design we enable our customers to check early on its integration into their final product.

Embedded Programming

Microprocessor software is the control center of a system. By using the right software platforms and choosing high performance microprocessors we are able to provide flexible and reliable solutions for low-cost embedded systems.

By investing in our ongoing know-how through our training, participation in seminars and exhibitions on embedded systems and embedded systems programming, we are able to provide our clients with up-to-date and reliable solutions.


Desktop, Mobile & Web Applications Designing

We design and deploy desktop, mobile (both Android and iOS) and web applications according to our customers needs (HTTP servers, MQTT servers, web user interfaces, cloud data bases, authentication, authorization, automatic emails, automatic notifications etc.).

IoT Solutions

We work on IoT (Internet of Things) solutions according to our customers needs, following the evolution of technology and the need to find smart solutions to our daily requirements.

We design and implement control systems using various sensors and applications in order to:

  • Remotely and safely monitor the evolution of processes.
  • Store wealth of useful information available for further proccess.
  • Provide with statistics, time, financial data and much more.
  • Ηandle remote commands.


We undertake and manage electronics manufacturing services of products designed by us or designed by third parties.

We work with trusted market suppliers to supply high quality and fast delivery of electronic material.

We achieve maximum reliability by applying quality and functional control to each and every piece produced.

We are always there to support our clients in issues related to functionality, scalability or upgrading their products.