We apply technology according to your needs

We provide research, development and production services for electronic devices and systems

Long Experience

We specialize in the electronic systems field, utilizing a wide range of Hardware and Software technologies

High Quality

Our goal is to provide high quality services in a timely manner

Direct Support

We are always at your disposal to discuss and offer solutions

Analog and Digital Electronics Design

We provide specialized electronic circuit design solutions based on a multitude of different technologies. We analyze the characteristics of projects under development with a view to creating competitive products.


PCB Design

Depending on the product and the approvals to be certified, we design the PCB following all EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) optimization rules. (EMC optimized PCB design and ESD system design).

Embedded Programming

Microprocessor software is the control center of a system. By using the right software platforms and choosing high performance microprocessors we are able to provide flexible and reliable solutions for low-cost embedded systems.


Desktop, Mobile & Web Applications Designing

We design and deploy Desktop, Mobile (both Android and iOS) and Web Applications according to your needs.

IoT Solutions

We work on IoT (Internet of Things) solutions according to your needs, following the evolution of technology and the need to find smart solutions to our daily requirements.


Manufacturing of Electronic Products

We undertake and manage the production of electronic products designed by us or designed by third parties.

Reference Works


Automotive Alternator Diagnostic Tool

Diagnostic tool for testing and excitation of alternators and electronic alternator regulators. It comes with a computer database. It is compatible with all known communication protocols of this automotive sector.


TFT Displays (3.5” - 7”)

TFT displays for use in different situations with specific user interface requirements.

Applicable technologies / main technical features:

  • TFT Display
  • Capacitive touch panel
  • Specialized Graphical User Interface (UI)
  • SD card
  • USB Host

Latest news

April 23, 2021

Our new design! An IoT terminal, using GSM/GPRS interface. It contains four 12-24V inputs, two NO outputs, RS485 interface and many more.